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Technology Helping Lower Hospital Readmissions

The information or digital technology age is rapidly transforming our everyday lives. Everyday smartphones, tablets, and other web-enabled devices allow us to communicate seamlessly. Technology applications have changed medical communities and systems, morphing them into an information-rich enterprise. Digital management…

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New Tech Tracks Seniors’ Bills

If you are a senior or have a loved one who is struggling with the process of paying their household bills, Silver Bills can eliminate the task and alleviate the worry about proper handling of monthly bills. As many baby…

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New Technology Adoption Rises in Seniors

Technology is providing seniors with a multitude of applications to improve their health, lifestyle, safety, and entertainment. While the younger generations may think these older Americans are the equivalent of technology dinosaurs, the truth is mid-life, and older Americans are…

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Cognitive Health and Seniors

As advances are made in the world of medicine, people are living longer lives. Longer life, however, does not always equate to a better quality of life. Quality of life is very important. What can senior adults do to improve…

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The Future of Social Security is at Risk

According to a recent government report, available here, Medicare and Social Security are at risk of insolvency. Unless action is taken, Social Security will exceed its income by 2020, whereas Medicare is projected to exceed its hospital insurance fund by…

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Seniors and Emotional Support Animals

Most of us know what a service animal is, but the use of emotional support animals is becoming more and more common. So, what is an emotional support animal? An emotional support animal is a companion animal that provides benefits…

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