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probate litigation

Take Precautions To Avoid Probate Litigation

While there are several reasons for increased risk of probate litigation, there are two most common circumstances. The first is when families disagree with how to handle a mentally incapacitated family member. The second is when, after death, disagreements break…

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multigenerational wealth

Estate Planning for Multigenerational Wealth

Careful planning is vital to protect your inheritable legacy for future generations. There are always differences of opinion across generations as to how best to live and act in the world. Millennials and Generation Xers seem to have distinctly different…

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Can You Avoid Probate?

Although probate seems complicated and costly, it is a standard legal procedure for passing on assets from decedents to their selected heirs or beneficiaries. Whether or not you require probate depends on the type of property and how you own…

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