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Remote Will and Trust Signing is Available

Caregiving During a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed a challenge for caregivers given the demand for these caregivers to be especially prepared for a deadly virus. Caregivers must balance the need for their care partner's health and balance it with that person's safety.…

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How does Per Stirpes Work?

As I was doing research on wills, I found that I could leave my property to my children “per stripes.” Why is the law talking about us like we’re some kind of zebra? The phrase is Latin and it is…

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A Trust and Trustee’s Duty

A trust is attainable and beneficial to anyone, not just the wealthy. You want to keep your affairs private and stay out of probate court? Maybe you have stepchildren? You want to leave money to your favorite charities? Or you…

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Online Estate Planning

It is essential we keep physical space between us to help stop the spread of the virus. Call or email us to find out how we can help you complete your estate plan without taking a single step outside your…

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Overmedication in Alzheimer’s Patients

In America, it is common to use multiple medications concurrently in the elderly population. The more medications a person takes, the higher the risk of dangerous drug-drug interactions and increased possibility of inappropriate prescribing, adverse drug reactions, hospitalization, and even…

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Advance Directives Explained

Outside Winnie’s nursing home room, Kevin stands teary-eyed. The medical staff just finished inserted a feeding tube into Winnie – an act Kevin knew she didn’t want. Unfortunately, Winnie couldn’t express her wishes due to advanced dementia, and she had…

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