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Equally Distributing Your Estate Plan

When it comes to deciding how to leave property to your children, the clearest choice is to divide everything into equal shares. That is the straightforward choice when all your children are doing equally well.   But if not –…

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Undue Influence in Your Estate Plan

Sometimes our loved ones become susceptible to manipulation from those who defraud or steal when they become ill or elderly. Targeted attacks on vulnerable older people to exert what attorneys deem "undue influence" constitutes elder abuse. It disrupts the older…

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How to Care for Aging Parents

No matter how hard you try, aging is something you cannot escape and it affects all family systems. It can be challenging for adult children to imagine their parents as seniors and to understand and respond to the reality that…

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The Basics of Estate Planning

Many people think that estate planning sounds like the domain of the very wealthy, however, in the eyes of the law, an estate is simply the aggregate of property an individual owns, and most everyone owns something. Property ownership includes…

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The Uncertainty of the Pandemic Continues

We now have vaccines. However the rollout has been slower than expected. COVID 19 is raging throughout many states. So how do we continue to maintain strong mental health during the next several months after enduring so much already? The…

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